Sport Muesli

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• Price (from): $32.00

(12% Crude Protein)

Our Profeeds Sport Muesli is made using high quality oats, a
traditional grain for horses due to high palatability and safety. Oats
promote an ideal slow digestion rate, allowing more nutrients to be
released without upsetting the gut. Lucerne, which is one of the most
effective fibrous raw materials that is also moderately high in protein.
Soya oil, which is a quality source of energy for the high activity
expected of the horses. Full fat soya meal, which is a high quality
source of both protein, energy and essential fatty acids. Sunflower is
included to spice up the diet with it’s oil, which is good for energy.
This carefully selected blend of unique raw materials enable the
Profeeds Sport Muesli feeds to have a great texture, taste, smell and
appearance which is enhanced by a generous inclusion of fresh molasses.

In order to make this feed unique, these key raw materials are not milled, which adds to the outlook of the feed and appeal.

November 30, 2020