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Poultry - Broiler
• Price (from): $8.50

(19.5% Crude Protein)

This feed is designed to finalize the development of the bird’s organs
and to stabilize growth in general whilst initiating the laying of
muscle (meat). This feed is in two parts - Broiler Grower Crumbles and
Broiler Grower Pellets.

Fed from the 15th day to the 28th day (two weeks) - the crumbles
being fed in the first week and the pellets in the second. Feed budget
is 1500 grams of feed per bird for the two weeks, split into 500g of
Profeeds Grower Crumbles and 1000 grams of Profeeds Grower Pellets.

The Broiler range comes in 10, 25, 50kg bags.

November 30, 2020